Energy Efficiency Experts

Our mission is to make your home perform as it was meant to, providing greater comfort for less money

About Home Energy Rescue

Jim Hanson, the founder and CEO, is a lifelong Montgomery County resident who lives in Brookeville, MD with his wife, Colleen, and their three daughters,  Ella, Grace, and Mara.  Home Energy Rescue began as a response to Jim’s experience with high energy bills in his own home. Like many homes in the Washington Area, his family’s home was mass produced by a large production builder who was clearly more concerned with speed and making money than building an energy efficient home.

Based on extensive research, energy analyst training, and the retrofit of his own home , Jim  has developed a holistic approach to home performance contracting that treats the home as a system.  His experience in a wide range of home improvement technologies and contracting allowed him to identify the best and most cost effective approach to get the most out of your home improvement dollar.

We Love Helping People…It’s Who We Are

A large part of Home Energy Rescue is the caliber and trustworthiness of our employees.  As a 20-year veteran in both Montgomery County and District of Columbia Fire Departments, Mr. Hanson has an extensive network of off duty and retired firefighters who are certified to conduct Home Energy Audits.  Off-duty professional firefighters have technical skills that are applicable for Home Energy Retrofitting.  Firefighters are also trustworthy and take pride in being professional, safe, and competent in working with technically challenging equipment.

Additionally, our clients will have peace of mind knowing that the workers in their home are firefighters that have extensive annual background checks, are drug free, understand building codes, and show up to get the job done.

Home Energy Rescue is Insured and licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Licensed Home Contractor (MHIC#128193)  Our offices are located in Fulton, MD, which places us central to both Washington and Baltimore Communities.