What We Do

The Washington Area's Leader in Energy Efficient Home Retrofitting

Whole Home Energy Audits

A certified Energy Rescue Technician who is trained in building science and renewable energy will thoroughly inspect over twenty home systems, including heating and cooling; insulation and air leaks; causes of indoor air pollution, including mold and mildew; water quality, and energy efficiency of appliances, lighting, and more.

Our Energy audits are not only the most complete in the industry, they also conform to Home Performance with Energy Star standards. For our Maryland utility customers, our comprehensive Energy Audits is only $100.

By having a Home Energy Audit you are then qualified to received 50% rebates for insulation and airsealing from your utility up to $2000.00.


Building Envelope and Attic Airsealing

Air sealing the building envelope is one of the most critical features of an energy efficient home.

Air will leak through a building envelope that is not well sealed.  This leakage of air decreases comfort of a home by allowing moisture, cold drafts, and unwanted noise to enter and may lower indoor air quality by allowing in dust and airborne pollutants.  In addition, air leakage accounts for between 25 to 45 percent of energy used for heating and cooling in a typical home.

Our Energy Rescue Technicians will seek out any and all air leaks into your home and seal with high performance spray foam insulation.  Our experience is that results of air sealing will be dramatic and immediate to our customer.

“Greenest of Green” Insulation

The United States Department of Energy (USDOE) says adding insulation to your attic is one of the best ways to make your home comfortable year-round.  Many homeowners suffer under ever escalating power expenses.  Most are unaware the percentage contributed by a lack of attic insulation.  Poor Insulation results in radical changes in the atmosphere of the house.  To make up for lack of insulation, the HVAC equipment ends up being overused.  To prevent this, we recommend simply upgrading your insulation.

Home Energy Rescue only uses the most green and ultra efficient products to upgrade the insulating value of our customer’s homes.  We use both Cellulose and Spray Foam Insulation to super insulate your attic which will result in lower energy bills.

Solar Hot Water Heating

Water Heating accounts for third largest energy expense in your home.  By heating your water with a Solar Hot Water heater, you can reduce dependence on fossil fuels, save money, and improve the environment. Home Energy Rescue offers customized Solar Thermal energy saving solutions for both residential and commercial customers in the Metropolitan Washington area.  There are a number of incentives available to Maryland residents which significantly reduce the ROI for a Solar Hot Water system.  In January 2012, Solar Hot Water systems will be eligible to earn SREC credits, which will result in our customers actually earning money to make their own hot water!  Click here for more information on SREC credits.